Camarasaurus vs. Iguanodon

Time Period & Environment: The Early Cretaceous Sainte-Barbe Clays Formation of Belgium. Subtropical forest.

Written By: Jack Milligan

A herd of Iguanodon have migrated through the forest in search of a new water source. It is toward the end of the dry season, but the lead Iguanodon knows the area well and guides the herd to a spot where she has found water during past migrations. The forest opens up to a decent sized watering hole. There are several other small dinosaurs and other animals taking advantage of this opportunity to drink.

The Iguanodon march their way towards the water to quench their thirst, rubbing up against each other for space. Peace is disturbed by a group of Camarasaurus unexpectedly showing up. They have travelled a great distance in search of water. Some of the Iguanodon are startled by the giant sauropod, and dart out of the way. The lead female Iguanodon doesn’t take kindly to the sauropods boldness. The leader of the herd shakes her head and bites at the Camarasaurus.

The Camarasaurus is annoyed, but with a quick stomp of its foot, it scares the Iguanodon off. Camarasaurus leans down and sips from the watering hole. Iguanodon has had quite enough of this intruder and moves in to nudge the giant out of the way. She uses her thumb spikes and jabs the Camarasaurus. The sauropod is caught by surprise, quickly lifts up its neck, and lashes out at the Iguanodon, kicking her in the side. She is badly hurt but manages to limp away to the outskirts of the watering hole.

Camarasaurus advances!!!

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