Torvosaurus vs. Giganotosaurus

Time Period & Environment: Late Cretaceous Candeleros Formation of Argentina. Forested braided river environment with swampy lowlands.

Written By:  Caitlin Lindblad

Torvosaurus now finds herself in the early Cenomanian of Argentina, about 98 million years ago.

She has been following the sandy bank of a large braided river, searching for adequate place to rest. The gash inflicted by the Yutyrannus has long stopped bleeding, but now it has begun to look inflamed. There are far worse injuries she has walked away with than a sore and stuffed nose, though her age is not helping the situation either. Over the last few days, her normal brisk gait has slowed to a steady, laboured walk. Still, Torvosaurus pushes on.

Torvosaurus stops and tilts her head left. A couple hundred meters downstream stands the Giganotosaurus, paused mid-stride, dipping her head slowly down then up again. The scent of this strange old dinosaur piqued her curiosity enough to deviate from the titanosaur herd. The less than picture-perfect health of the newcomer has not gone unnoticed either.

The carcharodontosaur is about 2 meters longer and 3 metric tons heavier, yet she keeps her distance. Torvosauruscontinues on her way to find a place to sleep, now keeping one eye behind her. Facing the Giganotosaurus head on, even in the best-case scenario would be pointless and lead to even more cuts and scrapes. Both theropods live in worlds of giants, and they are well aware every encounter can end in disaster.

The old dinosaur can only hope her follower becomes distracted or loses patience and returns to the even-slower herds of titanosaurs.

Over the course of the afternoon, Giganotosaurus slowly gains ground. Torvosaurus’ health has not deteriorated much, but the long walk has been draining. With Giganotosaurus now encroached on her personal space, Torvosaurus now constantly bares open jaws in her direction.

Walking side by side, the greater stature of the Giganotosaurus is much more apparent. She nips the thigh, following her strategy of taking down sauropods. Torvosaurus whips around to retaliate with what energy she has left, unfortunately straight into the waiting razor-sharp teeth of the giant theropod. She doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Giganotosaurus advances!!!

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