Daspletosaurus vs. Acrocanthosaurus

Time Period & Environment: Twin Mountains Formation, Texas, US, 120 million years ago

Written By:  Jackson Sweder

An Acrocanthosaurus drowses quietly in the shade of a patch of trees contentedly. The previous day it had hunted and successfully brought down the iguanodontid Tenontosaurus which meant the Acrocanthosaurus has been able to feast. Now with a full belly, it has no desire but to rest through the heat of the day.

However, the smell of the dead Tenontosaurus drifting on the gentle breeze has drawn in a competitor whose approach will disturb the Acrocanthosaurus’s rest. This approaching predator is the 9-meter long Daspletosaurus whose hunger and good sense of smell has led it to this carcass.

Focussing on its next meal the Daspletosaurus doesn’t notice the slightly larger Acrocanthosaurus until with a snarl the Acrocanthosaurus rushes out of the shade to protect its kill. Despite its size Daspletosaurus is a surprisingly nimble animal and is able to dodge the attacking bite of the Acrocanthosaurus by pivoting on its feet. Pivoting in a complete spin, the Daspletosaurus takes advantage of the Acrocanthosaurus’s momentum and finishes the spin with the Acrocanthosaurus flank in front of its powerful jaws. These jaws are full of long stout teeth which are adept at crushing bone and which the Daspletosaurus does with a strong bite at this would-be attacker. With a crunch the Daspletosaurus bites down on the Acrocanthosaurus’s shoulder breaking bone.

Roaring with pain the Acrocanthosaurus swings its head to bite at the Daspletosaurus where its serrated teeth slice at the shoulder muscles. But this movement has thrown the Acrocanthosaurus off balance slightly and exposed its neck to the Daspletosaurus, which adjusts its grip to bite at the neck of the Acrocanthosaurus.

With this new pain the Acrocanthosaurus knows the fight is lost and with a shake of its head, throws off the Daspletosaurus, and runs downstream. The Acrocanthosaurus is a mighty hunter and wanted to protect its kill, but it is also smart enough to know when it has lost and that it is smarter to run away from a fight it might not live through. The Daspletosaurus only receives a minor flesh wound which it counts as a small cost for the meal it has captured today.

Daspletosaurus advances!!!

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