GuanlonG vs. Styracosaurus

Time Period & Environment: It is the late Jurassic period it what will become Portugal. During this time, Europe is a series of tropical archipelagos in the ancient Tethys Sea. The environment here features a mixture of shallow marine coral dominated carbonate platforms on the coast, with coastal plains and lakes more inland. Rivers from the land regularly discharge large amounts of sediment into the sea as deltas.

Written By: Jack Milligan

The Styracosaurus slowly walks along a sandy beach, still recovering from wounds caused by the Giganotosaurus. Fortunately for the large ceratopsian, it can recover from injuries that would be a death sentence for most animals today. Styracosaurus finds a small clearing just behind the trees of a coastal forest, figuring this would be an ideal place to rest. Styracosaurus lays down near a clutch of sauropod eggs. The sauropod who left these eggs here is long gone.

This paradise is enticing for predators as well. The Guanlong, fresh off it’s encounter with Protoceratops, is hungry for a victory lap. It too has come across the sauropod eggs. Guanlong notices the sleeping Styracosaurus and begins to tread lightly. Guanlong starts focusing on a slight noise coming from the nest. A small mammal has broken into one of the eggs and is extracting its nutritious yolk. Poised to strike, the Guanlong fixes its attention on the mammal, who is unaware that it has become a target for the hungry theropod.

The Guanlong suddenly lunges at the mammal, just missing. The mammal darts and scurries away across the eggs, Guanlong in hot pursuit. Despite the constant zigzagging, Guanlong is managing to keep up with its quarry. Things take a turn for the worst as the mammal runs across the face of the sleeping Styracosaurus. Confused and alarmed, Styracosaurus wakes up, and faces the Guanlong. At nearly 2 tonnes, the ceratopsian is around 30 times heavier than the tyrannosaur and is an intimidating sight.

Faced with the possibility of losing its prey, Guanlong jumps at Styracosaurus. Guanlong narrowly avoids the large nose horn and begins biting and grabbing at the face of Styracosaurus with its claws. Styracosaurus shakes its head violently to shake Guanlong off, but Guanlong continues to hang on. Blinded by the Guanlong clawing its eyes, Styracosaurus starts running wildly. Out of desperation, the Styracosaurus slams its head against a tree, crushing the Guanlong.


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