Albertosaurus vs Stegoceras

The dim, misty woodlands of late Cretaceous Alberta, 71 million years ago. Following the unexpected snack that was Chirostenotes, the Albertosaurus continues to plod down the dried-out riverbed. Bit of blood and stray feathers from her previous meal stick here and there to her scaly lips (Morhardt, 2009). Despite having successfully consumed the Chirostenotes after being driven off her hadrosaur kill, she’s still hungry, needing a substantial amount of food to fuel her great size and metabolism.

Deep in the nearby undergrowth, after fending off the Hesperosaurus pair, the Stegoceras has been transported back to his homeland of southern Alberta, but about four million years after his species went extinct. His presence is quickly noticed by a nearby Atrociraptor, watching from its perch on a fallen tree trunk. The small pachycephalosaur spots the approaching dromaeosaur and tries to intimidate it by lowering his head, showing off the battering-ram dome on top while giving off a low grunting sound (Peterson et al., 2013). This has little effect on the Atrociraptor, who springs down and gives chase. 

Stegoceras turns and runs, managing to keep ahead of the predator as he dashes through the ferns, hopping over logs and ducking under branches on his powerful hind legs. The dromaeosaur behind him continues to pursue through the brush.

Suddenly Stegoceras emerges into a clearing through which the dried out river once flowed. He slips on the smooth, worn stones in the river bed in its haste, and falls to the ground. The Atrociraptor bursts into the clearing, but then suddenly wheels around and darts back into the dense woodland. 

In a daze, Stegoceras sees its pursuer turn and run away. For a brief moment he believes he’s safe. But then a stench like rotten meat fills his nostrils. He looks up to see the open jaws of the Albertosaurus coming down on him, and then everything goes black. 


Albertosaurus lifts up the limp body of Stegoceras– another easy mouthful she swallows as she wanders along. 

Albertosaurus advanCes!!!

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