Saturday, December 16, 2017 • 1:00 – 4:00pm

Celebrate the season with dinosaurs through family-friendly, hands-on activities in our gallery and around the museum!

Cretaceous Christmas

In coordination with our Community Day, the museum will be hosting a variety of events for museum-goers of all-ages starting at 1:00pm on Saturday, December 16. Attendees are invited to participate in one or all of the activities listed below.

Touch Table

Come and explore fossils close up! As you explore the gallery, stop by the table to touch, pick up, and examine real fossils, or ask our resident experts about them, face-to-face!

Fossil Excavation and Preparation Demo

Ever wondered how dinosaur fossils get out of the ground and into a museum? Stop by our palaeontology team’s live demonstration and see the process in action!

Kids Classroom

Give the kids a chance to have fun with palaeontology! Stop by our classrooms for engaging activities for the fledgling dino fans in your family!

Guided Gallery Tours

Get the inside scoop on our exhibits and the ancient animals that once called Northern Alberta home from our knowledgeable volunteers and staff at no additional charge!

National Geographic Films

Catch any (or all!) of our exciting films playing in the Aykroyd Family Theatre for less! At just $2 per person (the same price usually be available only to patrons paying for gallery entrance), Community Day is a great time to see what’s new at the theatre!

Check films and showtimes

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