Friday, May 19, 2017 • 1 – 4pm

Come and enjoy learning about dinosaurs through family-friendly, hands-on activities in our gallery and around the museum!

Dinosaur Odyssey
As part of the nation-wide Science Odyssey, the museum will be hosting a variety of events for museum-goers of all-ages starting at 1pm on Friday, May 19. Attendees are invited to participate in one or all of the activities listed below.

Fossil Table

Come and explore fossils close up! As you explore the gallery, stop by the table to touch, pick up, and examine replicas of real fossils, or ask our resident experts about them, face-to-face!

*Included in paid admission to the museum gallery

Fossil Excavation and Preparation Demo

Ever wondered how dinosaur fossils get out of the ground and into a museum? Stop by our palaeontology team’s live demonstration and see the process in action!

*Included in paid admission to the museum gallery

Dinosaur Footprint Drawing

Unleash your creativity as you add your own (colourful) dino tracks to the museum’s walkways with sidewalk chalk! Big and small dinosaurs welcome!

*Free of charge

Live Dino Skits

Enjoy the imaginative – and at times emotional – drama as our education department brings out their dinosaur-themed skits between theatre showings. Popcorn not included.

*Free of charge

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