Learn more about dinosaurs, palaeontology, the world around us, and many other fascinating topics straight from the experts with our monthly free lecture series! Upcoming speakers are listed with their topic and lecture description below.

Upcoming Lectures

Nicholas Carter


Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

Living Dinosaurs of the Peace Region

Saturday, January 20 • 3:00pm • Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, Aykroyd Family Theatre

The Grande Prairie area is designated as one of Canada’s many important bird areas, and is rich in a variety of birdlife. Many charismatic species which are uncommon or rare in other parts of the province continue to thrive here, such as trumpeter swans and bald eagles. As the last living dinosaurs, birds hold a special interest to both palaeontologists and naturalists in general. The Peace Region is, deservedly, becoming more and more well known as a rich trove of dinosaur fossils, and the birdlife of the region represents a continuation of the dinosaur legacy that survives here to this day. Anyone interested in natural history will benefit from knowing and understanding the diversity of our living dinosaurs.

Please email visitorservices@dinomuseum.ca or call 587-771-0662 to reserve your spot.

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