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Dr. Matthew VavrekJune 10th 3:00pm

Dr. Matthew Vavrek, Palaeontologist

Topic: The Cretaceous Canadian Arctic: Fossils From the Permafrost

While southern Canada, and in particular Alberta, is well known for the diversity of Cretaceous fossils that can be found there, the Canadian Arctic has seen comparatively little in the way of palaeontological research. However, these northern regions have seen the most extreme changes in climate, and represent an important record of how biodiversity can respond to these climatic shifts. Over the past decade, Dr Matthew Vavrek has been part of field expeditions to all three Canadian territories, in search of remains of ancient fossil vertebrates. This work has helped to fill in a number of blank spots on the map, and further our understanding of what life under the midnight sun 75 million years ago might have been like.


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