Burgess Shale Textile Art Exhibition

July, 2021 – September, 2021

It features 505 million year old fossils on loan from the Royal Ontario Museum, and art quilts inspired by the fossils and created by western Canadian artists!

Dinosaur Evolution

July, 2019 – September, 2019


Come see dinosaur fossils in all of their many weird and wonderful forms. See the results of millions of years of evolution in real dinosaur fossils discovered right here in Alberta. Witness our amazing prehistoric diversity, and compare it to Earth’s modern animal life. Starting in July and running through the end of September.


July, 2021 – September, 2021

Alberta Conservation Association Education Room Exhibit

About the Conservation Education Room: Conservation means ensuring Alberta’s wildlife and fish populations are healthy and that the land and water they live in is too. Alberta Conservation Association’s Conservation Education Room will be exhibiting different displays to provide educational outreach regarding some of the challenges that conservation faces. Target audiences are youth grades 3 – 12.

Current Exhibit: Light geese—greater snow geese, lesser snow geese, and Ross’s geese—migrate every year to the Arctic tundra where they breed and raise their young. Populations of the geese have reached an overabundant level and the tundra is declining. This exhibit talks about the species involved, the problem they’re causing in the Arctic tundra, and some possible solutions.

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