Expérimentez un voyage de 360 ​​millions d'années de Palaeo à Petroleum et profitez de nos programmes et événements avec vos amis et votre famille.

These alone will be enough to hold attention for hours, from the dinosaur skeletons to the recreated bonebed to the real palaeontologists working in the lab to ‘a walk through time.’  Each visit will reveal something new to discover, especially as exhibits change!
Did you know that the oil and gas riches in the region go back millions of years?  Learn how events led to the abundance of natural resources here today.
THE dine-o-saur RESTAURANT
Perfect for an easy meal when hunger pangs interrupt your museum experience or even for a specific evening trip.  Eating at a dinosaur museum certainly makes for an exceptional night out.
Watch dinosaur movies, documentaries, short films and more in the museum’s theatre.  Rent it out for film screenings or movie nights and enjoy your own party in a beautiful museum. 
THE kaleidosaur GIFT SHOP
Find unique treasures, good books, intriguing doodads and all kinds of dinosaur gear in the gift shop.  Whether searching for a great gift or something fun for yourself – or just browsing – the gift shop will be a lot of fun for everyone.
The Grounds
Explore the landscaped grounds and find some of our geological curiosities! Pack a picnic and sit in the sun with snacks, absorbing everything you saw and learned inside the building.
SMART technology classrooms
The level of technology combined with fast-paced and fun educational programs will have both adults and youth alike riveted as they learn about palaeontology, geology and natural resources.
…And much more!
Bonebed Tours of the Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai bonebed are at Pipestone Creek Park!

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8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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