Families invited to celebrate Literacy Week at dino museum

January 24, 2018
Students at the museum's winter camp

Students enjoy a snack and drawing break during a recent winter day camp, one of the many educational programs the museum offers to the community.

An upcoming event at the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum on the evening of Friday, January 26 will see youngsters of all ages from around the region participating in fun and games related to reading and becoming more engaged in learning.

The event, to be held from 7:00 to 9:00pm, is a board games-focused interactive evening with school-aged children meant to find ways to engage learners without digital means of distraction. Crafts, puzzles, and other activities will also be available, along with refreshments.

“As an organization with strong educational program planning and delivery, we know that literacy is paramount to the learning of students. As such, we are pleased to be involved with helping to promote literacy locally through our partnership with our neighbours, Wembley schools and libraries,” said Susan Hunter, executive director of the dinosaur museum and former school teacher.

The museum offers opportunities for reading and learning at other times of the year, with story time hour each month for youngsters, curriculum-based school programming offerings, and a growing assortment of fun and informative books for sale in its gift shop for children of all ages.

“We know that our schoolchildren have something unique right here in our backyard,” said Anna Underwood, librarian, town council member, and chair of the Helen E. Taylor (HET) School Parent Teacher Association in Wembley who helped organize the event and partnership. “With the close proximity of an impressive asset – the dinosaur museum – to our schools here in Wembley, we would like to maximize exposure to the inspiring learning spaces for our school-aged children. This event, and others like it, help us do that.”

Helen E. Taylor School reached out to the museum in the fall of 2017 to generate ideas on how to work more closely for the benefit of school-aged children. After a parent-teacher council meeting where three museum staff were present, plans were set in motion for planned literacy events to promote Literacy Week, as well as other educational themes. Wembley Public Library is also contributing support and assistance to the event.

“We know that inspiring children to read is paramount,” said Linda Side, chair of the museum’s board of directors and a community volunteer who works to lead and support the literacy-based Reading University in Grande Prairie each year. “Offering opportunities for youth to learn and get excited about reading is key to future success in both educational and professional careers, as well as life overall.”

“Schools from across the region visit us, and it is great to see such partnerships develop for the benefit of learning and children,” said Nick Carter, education program instructor at the museum and host of the evening’s events. “We welcome children to the museum throughout the year and know that great learning happens here.”

The event begins at 7:00pm on the evening of January 26 with entry and participation by donation. All ages are welcome.

Located near the City of Grande Prairie in the Town of Wembley, the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum is involved in education and outreach across the Peace Region and beyond, offering over a dozen educational school programs based on provincial curriculum for Kindergarten through grade 12. Over 2,000 students attended museum school programs in the 2016-17 school year alone, from both local and distant institutions.

Media contact:Brandon Low Manager, Marketing & Communications Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum 587-771-0662 ext. 418 brandon@dinomuseum.ca
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