Uncover Palaeontology at the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum in the education room and the galleries! The Palaeontology Foundation Programs for grades 10-12 is an engaging and interactive way for Alberta’s next generation to gain a foundation in Palaeontology. Learn about palaeontogical concepts from knowledgeable education coordinators, and specialists. All programs have at least nine program units which contain a lecture component, an interactive component, and an assignment.The programs are premised on the required learning curriculum objectives outlined by the Alberta education curriculum. The lecture component will take place in the education room and will involve a lecture from a member of the education team as well as videos, and fossil handling. The interactive component will take place in the galleries. Students will be able to engage with the exhibits. Education staff and specialists will facilitate learning in the galleries. The last component of the programs will involve a group assignment which will be focused on the learning objective for the specific program unit. Students will present their group assignments to the museum staff upon their next visit to the museum.Each module can be booked separately to fulfill curriculum connections in other high school course, or can be booked together as a Palaeontology program. Come and learn about palaeontology and prehistoric creatures with the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum.


Grade 10-12

Program Length: 2 hours per unit Lecture One Rock cycle, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanism, Geologic Time Scale, and significant palaeontologists and geologistsLecture Two Predator prey relationships in modern and ancient environmentsLecture Three Evolution: Anatomy and FunctionalityLecture Four Fossil types and fossilization processesLecture Five Dating MethodsLecture Six Vertebrates and InvertebratesLecture Seven Trophic relationships and animal behaviourLecture Eight Dinosaur taxonomy and the scientific processLecture Nine Fieldwork and Labwork


Grade 11-12

Program Length: 2 hours per unit Lecture One Geological Time, Systematics, Fossil beds and the Fossil RecordLecture Two Evolutionary History, Vertebrate, Invertebrate, and Plant OrganismsLecture Three Evolutionary Theory, Natural Selection, Fossil Record, and Data InterpretationLecture Four Evolution of Modern Species to Ancestral Forms, Mechanisms of Evolution, and Evolutionary ConstraintsLecture Five Dinosaur Evolution, Dinosaur Physiology, and the evolution of FlightLecture Six Gigantism in fossil animals, Co-evolution of dinos and plantsLecture Seven Dinosaur Social Behaviour, and Research in Palaeontology Lecture Eight Extinctions Types and Distribution of Biodiversity over Space and Time Lecture Nine Pseudoscience Examined, Palaeoenvironments and Palaeogeography


Grade 11-12

Program Length: 2 hours per unit Lecture One History and Principles of PalaeontologyLecture Two Principles of GeologyLecture Three Evolution and SystematicsLecture Four Evolution of InvertebratesLecture Five Vertebrate Evolution and AnatomyLecture Six Dinosaur BiologyLecture Seven Dinosaur Evolution and DiversityLecture Eight Applied Dinosaur PalaeontologyLecture Nine Origin and Evolution of MammalsLecture Ten Extinction, the Rise of Humans, and Modern Conservation Efforts
To book any of the modules for these fantastic programs please visit our Request a Program Page. For more information on booking and pricing please read our Field Trip Policies document.
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