Mesozoic Masters

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Learn the ways in which Palaeo Artists are inspired by ancient bones and show the world what dinosaurs looked like millions of years ago.

Program length: 3 hours each session

Artists bring the prehistoric world to life like no one else can. This art program will allow students to imagine how ancient animals looked, based on scientific evidence, while promoting the student’s creativity. Students will visit the museum and tour the gallery for inspiration, then Museum Education Staff will come to your classroom over 2-3 sessions to teach students creative ways to express their fascination with dinosaurs through the artistic techniques they develop. Each session is two to three hours in length.


Grades 7-9 – Art (Drawing)

Module One: Moments in Time

Module Two: Artists and Scientists

Module Three: The Shrink-Wrapped Dinosaurs

Module Four: Paleo-Memes

Module Five: All Yesterdays