Palaeontology 30

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Palaeontology 30 is the culmination of our Palaeontology Foundation Program.

Program Length: 2 Hours per module

Uncover Palaeontology at the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum in the education room and the galleries! The Palaeontology Foundation Programs for High School students is an engaging and interactive way for Alberta’s next generation to gain a foundation in Palaeontology. With nine programs units the concepts in Paleontology 30 build upon the knowledge gained in Paleontology 10 & 20. The program is premised on learning curriculum objectives outlined by the Alberta education curriculum. Each unit can be booked separately to meet curriculum connections in other High School Science courses or run together as a Palaeontology course.


  1. Lecture One History and Principles of Paleontology
  2. Lecture Two Principles of Geology
  3. Lecture Three Evolution
  4. Lecture Four Invertebrates
  5. Lecture Five Vertebrates
  6. Lecture Six Dinosaur Evolution and Diversity
  7. Lecture Seven Mammals
  8. Lecture Eight Human Evolution
  9. Lecture Nine Applied Paleontology