May Construction Update!

By Karla Horcica, PCL Construction

1stomped_0265The concrete, steel, and wood structure of the building is now complete.

Crews continue to work on the roof and walls to make the building weather-tight, but at least now they get to work in warmer weather and sunshine! Meanwhile, inside the building, the walls are being laid out and steel stud framing of the walls is underway.

Along with the starting of the walls comes the rough-in of all the mechanical and electrical piping and conduit. While some of the pipes and conduits are put into the concrete slabs, a large portion is also run through the walls and ceilings.

1stomped_02931stomped_0247First the drywaller will lay out the walls and put down the bottom tracks, then the steel studs will be stood. The mechanical and electrical trades run their pipes and conduits through the steel studs which have special cut-outs in them to allow these services to be run. Checks are done to ensure nothing is missed within the wall cavity before the drywall is installed and the walls are closed.

If something were to be missed, it would mean ripping out the drywall and redoing the work, which is something we all strive to avoid! Quality control is very important at all phases of the job and this is just one aspect of checks that the team will do to ensure the construction is done right the first time.1stomped_0309