AAA2023 – Battle 10

Battle #10


Archosaurus vs Sinocalliopteryx

Biomes: Desert

After tumbling down a slope while hunting a Tianyulong the previous day, the Sinocalliopteryx ambles through a canyon, moving downstream in search of an escape from the rocky walls. It has a full belly and would normally want to rest quietly, but the surrounding cliffs make it feel claustrophobic.

Plodding along the gently flowing stream, it suddenly gets a whiff of blood on the breeze and freezes in its tracks, sensing the possibility of danger. The Sinocalliopteryx begins creeping forward with silent steps until the sight of crimson spilled on the rocks reveals where the scent was coming from. Whatever happened here, a large animal was involved, judging by the amount of blood.

Looking around, it sees an Archosaurus sleeping nearby with a deep wound on its side. The Sinocalliopteryx stalks toward the larger animal until it can get within feet of the Archosaurus – close enough to sniff at the wound. With such an awful injury, the Sinocalliopteryx considers whether the larger animal could be overpowered with a strong bite.

Suddenly, the eyes of the Archosaurus snap open. With a snarl, the pseudosuchian opens its jaws and bites at the smaller Sinocalliopteryx.  Agility and luck allow the Sinocalliopteryx to avoid the worst of the vicious bite, only sustaining a small nip on its arm. Having enough of the situation, the Sinocalliopteryx  flees the stream, away from the larger predator. With a sigh, the Archosaurus heaves to its feet and strolls leisurely downstream to find a quieter place to rest.

Archosaurus Wins