AAA2023 – Battle 13

Battle #13


Quetzalcoatlus vs Archosaurus

Biomes: Desert and Coast

Laying near a patch of tree ferns next to a lazy stream, a 6-meter long Archosaurus dozes in the noon sun. After leaving its last encounter with deep cuts on its shoulder and side, the Archosaurus has been tiring easily and needs to rest often. Even uninjured, this relative of crocodiles would be basking on the sandy banks of the creek to soak up the warm sunlight and digest its last meal the foe that left it injured. Swimming in the creek soothesthe cuts, but the water is cool and the Archosaurus must bask in the sun to warm up. The gentle gurgle of water over river stones, the rustle of fern fronds brushing against each other in the breeze, and the distant sounds of waves breaking on the beach several hundred meters away are complemented by a salty taste in the air.

This gentle and peaceful scene is broken by a huge shadow passing over the Archosaurus, leaving it chilled for a moment before the sun returns. Looking up, this predator sees the 20-foot tall, giant pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus soar overhead. It lands with a sweep of its massive wings, blowing a cloud of sand into the air and destroying the calm of the scene. With an annoyed snarl, the Archosaurus heaves to its feet and begins stalking with a slight limp towards the intruder. The Quetzalcoatlus, who had just settled on the ground for a drink of water, turns toward the snarl and stands tall, looking down upon the much shorter opponent. Having been spotted, the Archosaurus forgets pretext and leaps toward the pterosaur who interrupted its nap, trying to crush a wing bone in its hooked jaws. With such thin bones, this would be a death sentence to the Quetzalcoatlus, but it manages to dodge the attack by lifting its wings in a show of size. Thrusting its beak forward as it settles back down, the Quetzalcoatlus stabs the Archosaurus between its shoulders, much like a giant stork pecking at an annoyance. This sharp pain drives the Archosaurus away from attempting its next attack. Instead, it decides it may be better to limp away to a different spot and leave this tall foe alone. After watching with suspicion until the Archosaurus is well out of sight, the Quetzalcoatlus leans down for a drink before heaving itself into the air with a huge push of its arms and a sweep of its wings.

Quetzalcoatulus Wins!