AAA2023 – Battle 2

Battle #2


Lythronax vs Sauropelta

Biome: Coastal Lowlands

Moving silently over the moss and fern-covered ground, a lone Lythronax stalks from the shadow of one huge redwood tree to the next. It has been following a wandering Sauropelta for nearly an hour as the ankylosaur browses on low ferns. This armoured dinosaur is a dangerous prey item for the Lythronax, but careful hunting has led the tyrannosaur to prior success against similar prey.

Now within 30m, the Lythronax is close enough to charge. This sudden movement over the soft ground goes nearly perfectly but a small crack of a twig is enough to warn the Sauropelta. Alerted to impending danger, it instinctually swings its sharp, spiked tail. and connects directly with the leg of the Lythronax, who is already bending down to bite the leg of the Sauropelta in return. The pain in its leg is great, but the Lythronax’s crushing bite has already connected with the leg of the Sauropelta. Heaving with all its might, the Lythronax flips the ankylosaur onto its back, exposing its soft belly. To the Lythronax’s dismay, this movement tears the ankylosaur’s tail spikes even further into its flesh, adding damage to the already damaged leg.

Reaching down again, the injured Lythronax sinks its teeth into the Sauropelta’s neck in a fatal maneuver. Wounded though it is, the Lythronax has successfully caught the meal it has been hunting for.

Lythronax Wins!