Aaa2023 – Battle 5

Battle #5


Herrerosaurus vs. Prestosuchus

Biomes: Fernland

Battle #5

Round #1

Herrerasaurus  vs. Prestosuchus

Biome: Fernland

The female Prestosuchus pauses for a moment, sniffing at the air. She has an excellent sense of smell, and she is hungry. As she will soon be digging a nest and laying eggs, she needs a little extra food this time of year. At almost seven metres in length, this individual is a large example of her species; in Prestosuchus, the female animals are generally larger than the males. She has already scared off a smaller male she found scouting the same territory for food.

A soft wind blows through the ferns around her as she suddenly picks up the scent of another animal. She freezes, the predatory side of her brain snapping on. It is the scent, not of another Prestosuchus, but of something that smells more like lunch. It is not too far away. She turns and moves towards the scent, moving surprisingly swiftly and silently for a creature her size.

After half an hour of walking, she spots her quarry. It is a small, early herbivorous dinosaur called Herrerasaurus. Though this dinosaur can grow up to six metres long, this is a small individual, only about the size of golden retriever. It is oblivious to the Prestosuchus as it munches its way through a patch of ferns, using long forearms to hold the vegetation as it chews.

The Prestosuchus crouches down, trying to be as silent as possible. She is quick and agile for her size, but the Herrerasaurus is much faster. If she times this wrong and the smaller animal spooks, she will lose her meal.

As the Herrerasaurus bends for another mouthful of ferns, the Prestosuchus launches herself out of her hiding spot. The Herrerasaurus has no time to move before the large predator is upon it, grasping it by the neck and shaking vigorously until it feels the smaller body go limp.

The Prestosuchus will not go hungry today.

Prestosuchus wins!