AAA2023 Battle 9

Battle #9


Lythronax vs Quetzalcoatlus

Biomes: Coastal Lowland

Still suffering deep gashes in its leg from the encounter with Sauropelta’s tail, the Lythronax limps along the beach looking for an easy meal. It has found a couple small things – fish washed up on the beach and the carcass of a small dinosaur which took the pangs off its hunger. Unfortunately, these snacks are not enough to sate the monstrous appetite of this 7m long animal.

Looking along a treeline shadowing the beach, this tyrannosaur notices a Quetzalcoatlus preening itself on the sand. This would be a worthy meal of the large carnivore, enough to satisfy its growing hunger. Knowing this pterosaur will fly away if given the chance, the Lythronax prepares to strike before the Quetzalcoatlus can heave itself into the air. Treading as quietly as it can, the Lythronax moves within striking distance of the pterosaur.

With a final painful step, the Lythronax pushes off the ground and races toward the Quetzalcoatlus. This sudden noise alerts the Quetzalcoatlus, who turns and seeing the charging tyrannosaur, instinctually pecks its sharp beak forward to defend itself. The sudden stab towards its face forces the Lythronax to turn aside to protect its eyes, but this strain is too much for its wounded leg to support.With a roar of pain, the Lythronax collapses defeatedly to the ground.

The Quetzalcoatlus skewers the already wounded leg of the Lythronax with its beak,further incapacitating it. Confident that the Lythronax is out of commission for now, the Quetzalcoatlus  thrusts into the air, hurrying away from the larger carnivore. It was lucky to escape this time.

Quetzalcoatlus Wins!