Ask a Palaeo!

How long does it take to dig up a dinosaur bone? By Dr. Matthew Vavrek The length of time it takes to dig up a dinosaur depends on so many things, and can vary from a few days to decades. For smaller skeletons in soft sediments, the skeleton can often be taken out in just…

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Ask A Paleo! Where in the world are dinosaurs from?

By Robin Sissons Dinosaur fossils are found everywhere in the world, from one pole to the other, on every continent, even on a the small Chatham Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. From Cryolophosaurus and Antarctopelta in the Antarctic, to Pachyrhinosaurus and Nanuqsaurus in the Arctic, and everything in between, dinosaurs are found at all lattitudes. The island of Madagascar brings…

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Ask a Palaeo: how long does it take to put a dinosaur skeleton on display?

By Robin Sissons Once a fossil is found, it can take a long time with many people working on it before it is ready to be put on display. Small fossils can be excavated from the ground in a few days or even a few hours. Larger fossils or skeletons that require more care may…

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