Walking with Dinosaurs comes to the Aykroyd Family Theatre

A prehistoric journey for the whole family arrives this summer

May 30, 2017
Walking with Dinosaurs

The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum, in partnership with Giant Screens Films, will be showing BBC Earth’s Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet in the Aykroyd Family Theatre starting Thursday, June 1, 2017.

“This film is important to the museum as it features many dinosaurs we find local to the Peace Region and have in our galleries, including Pachyrhinosaurus and Troodon,” says Jewels Goff, the museum’s education coordinator, who has been hoping to get the film into the Aykroyd Family Theatre since it opened back in 2015.

Following a herd of Pachyrhinosaurus as they face danger from both natural forces and predators, Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet brings dinosaurs to life on the big screen as never before.

“The dinosaurs are depicted very accurately,” confirms Nick Carter, one of the museum’s education instructors, who points to the fact that not all dinosaurs are found in the tropics.

Indeed, the filmmakers consulted with experts in palaeontology – including Dr. Philip J. Currie – in order to get everything from the way the dinosaurs move and their interactions to be as scientifically correct as possible.

The documentary-style film runs for approximately 40 minutes and will play daily throughout the summer. Tickets can be purchased at the museum’s front desk for $2 with admission, or $5 for the film alone.

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