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Ever wanted to get the facts about dinosaurs straight from the experts, but can’t make it out for a school program? This long-distance Q and A session brings our dino-experts straight to you!

Program Length: 45 minutes

In this long-distance program, students get to ask about anything and everything they’ve ever wanted to know about dinosaurs. Our team of paleontology experts will open their eyes to the prehistoric world, using real fossils to show off the world of dinosaurs!

*Teachers are encouraged to gather students questions and submit them to our education team prior to the program commencing.


Kindergarten – (Science) Environmental and Community Awareness

Grade 1 – (Science) Needs of Animals and Plants

Grade 2 – (Science) Small Crawling and Flying Animals

Grade 3 – (Science) Rocks and Minerals, Animal Life Cycles

Grade 6 – (Science) Life Careers; Evidence and Investigation

Grade 7 – (Science) Interactions and Ecosystem, Planet Earth

Grade 8 – (Science) Freshwater and Saltwater Ecosystems

Grade 9 – (Science) Biodiversity