April Archosaur Absurdity


April Archosaur Absurdity (AAA) is a free interactive activity we run throughout the month of April. This year, EIGHT archosaurs (fossil reptiles including dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and crocodiles) will face off in seven head-to-head animated battles to determine the ultimate champion of #AAA2024.


  • Take a look at our palaeontologist-curated Creature Guide!
  • Download one of our printable AAA 2024 Brackets (dark/light large size or standard letter size) and all 8 Archosaur Silhouettes to follow along.
  • Watch our 8 archosaur introduction videos with Dr. Emily Bamforth.
  • Tune into our 2 paleoartist interviews with KT Lindblad and Jessy Dion.
  • Join our AAA 2024 Facebook Group for all things AAA, including our AAA Battle Polls posted two days before each fight. Who do you think will win?
  • Shop our AAA 2024 Merch to rep your favourite competitor!
  • Enter our AAA Comic Contest.
  • Educators: to register for AAA lesson plans created by our education team here at Philip J. Currie, please contact: programsmanager@dinomuseum.ca


When each battle goes live, click the tiles below to see the archosaurs face off!
Don’t forget to use our AAA Battle Polls in the AAA 2024 Facebook Group to ‘place your bet’ for each battle.


Click the thumbnails below to watch!


Click the thumbnails below to watch!

Need more information? No problem!

Each battle will be written and narrated by our palaeontologists based on what we know about these archosaurs from the most up-to-date science. The battles will then be transformed into epic animated showdowns by our friends at Amplomedia. After each battle, the victorious archosaur will move on to face its next opponent. In total, there will be seven battles posted to our website throughout the month of April. The archosaurs in #AAA2024 were selected based on the work of palaeo-artists KT Lindblad and Jessy Dion.

The History of AAA

April Archosaur Absurdity began as an online program developed during COVID in 2020. The inspiration came from Arizona State University’s March Mammal Madness, which itself was a play on the NCAA’s March Madness Basketball Tournament. In 2022, April Archosaur Absurdity was awarded the CASCADE Best Project Under $50 by the Canadian Association of Science Centres.

A Message from Amplomedia

Amplomedia is proud to be a returning partner of the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum’s April Archosaur Absurdity! We’ve been creating engaging videos for this popular event since its inception, and we’re thrilled to continue helping them bring these prehistoric creatures to life. If you’re looking for creative video production or marketing expertise, contact Amplomedia today – we’ll help your brand roar!