Dinosaurs Among Us

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Students examine the links between Dinosaurs and modern birds through a series of exciting exhibits and hands on investigative experiences.

Program Length: 2 Hours

Dinosaurs are among us! Students are engaged in the scientific method of discovery as they problem solve and help us prove that birds are dinosaurs. Students get to examine specimens of modern birds and prehistoric dinosaurs by looking at fossils, fossil records and replicas learning about the evolutionary links between dinosaurs and birds. Students will move through a series of learning labs, exploring specific themes of- evolution and adaptations, feather functions and diversity, dinosaur parenting, understanding the scientific method of discovery, cognitive capacities of birds and their prehistoric ancestors. Dinosaurs Among Us is a new exhibit that is only available till the Spring of 2024.

Suggested Themes:

Evolution of birds from dinosaurs
Feathers and Flight
Nests, Eggs, and Babies
Bones, Beaks, and Claws


Grade 2-12 (Science)- Evolution and adaptations over time.