Paleo 10

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Grade 10 – Mathematics 10-3 and 10C Measurement Demonstrate an understanding by describing and calculating the relationship of the units for length and the velocity of an object. Students will solve problems that involve linear measurement, using instruments such as tape measures.

Grade 10 – Mathematics 10C Algebra and Number Outcome # 3 – demonstrate an understanding of powers with integral and rational exponents

Grade 11 – (Science) Unit C: The Changing Earth Analyze and assess the evidence provided by the fossil record and identify life forms of past eras. Describe common types of fossilization, actual remains, imprints, tracks, trails, burrows. Explain how fossils can provide evidence of chronology, paleoclimate, evolution and mass extinction.

Grade 11 – (Science) Unit D:Changing in Living Systems Describe evidence for evolution by natural selection e.g. fossils, describe how paleontology has provided invaluable data in the attempt to explain observable variations in organisms.