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PD Day Camps

Ages 5-12

Looking for something to do during School Professional Development Days? Join us this school year as we explore and learn about dinosaurs! Come spend the day at the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum’s PD Day camps and enjoy a day full of dinosaur-themed fun!

Fossils, Floods & Footprints

Looking for a unique outdoor activity this summer?

Look no further! Follow our guides on a journey through Pipestone Creek and learn about what life was life during the cretaceous era. Walk through our beautiful trails while going on a Jurassic adventure with our passionate team of story tellers, stopping off at our Bonebed.

Secrets Of The Wapiti

Boats, Floats and Anecdotes..

Right here in our own back yard. A tranquil trip discovering the Peace Region’s stunning natural history, both modern and prehistoric.

Join our team on this 5 hour outdoor excursion that start with a visit to our active Bonebed and then getting on board our raft as we head down Wapiti river.

Palaeo For A Day

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Palaeontologist in the field?!

Come dig alongside our talented palaeo crew and other palaeo professionals at our Pipestone Creek Bonebed, home of the Pachyrhinosaurus Lakustai!
We have VERY limited spots available and only have this program running 3 weeks total this summer.

Upcoming Events


  • (R)Evolution!
    (R)Evolution! ‘Chickenosaurus’ and the Science of ‘Evo-Devo’ Occasionally in nature, animals are born with mutations that cause them to exhibit ancestral traits. For example, snakes can be born with legs, whales with tiny hindlimbs, horses with toes, and even humans with tails. These traits, which…
  • Cretaceous Groundhog Day
    Cretaceous Groundhog Day: Paleo-prognosticating! February 2nd is Groundhog Day, a day when we listen anxiously to hear whether local rodent celebrities like Punxsutawney Phil or Wiarton Willie will see their shadows when they emerge from their burrows. If they spy their shadow, six more weeks…

Hungry? Visit Cafe on 43

Cafe on 43 is a coffee house and cafe located in the Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum. They offer a variety of appetizers, lunch, entrees & desserts with new specials daily! With homestyle cooking and great service, you’re sure to enjoy your visit.
Open Tuesday to Saturday 10am – 8pm.