Eggs-cellent News: Dinosaur Eggs and Babies Populate Museum

If there is one thing that I am really happy about in terms of how dinosaurs are portrayed in modern popular media, it’s that the public’s perception of dinosaurs as lumbering, uncaring beasts has largely given way to the idea that dinosaurs were intelligent, interesting animals with fascinating behaviours, behaviours that scientists are actively piecing together. However, I think most people, when they think of dinosaurs, usually still think about them as fully-grown animals. Few people think about different kinds of dinosaur eggs and nests, or what we actually know about baby dinosaurs or how dinosaurs grew. Fewer people still seem to know that baby dinosaurs also differed in proportion to adult dinosaurs and also often lacked the horns, hooks, and crests of their adult counterparts.

It’s this aspect of dinosaur palaeobiology, the hatchlings and the dinosaur eggs from which …

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